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Vegetable Bouillon Concentrate

Looking for more ways to add flavor to your home-cooked meals? You have come to the right place, take a peek at our recipe for Homemade Vegetable Bouillon Paste...

I love having Homemade Vegetable Bouillon Paste in my freezer. It is right there, ready to add extra flavor to all our recipes. This is one of the best things to have in your pantry. Waiting patiently in the freezer, it will provide instant (and delicious) flavor to everything you cook. Plus it is a real space saver, no more containers of vegetable stock in the freezer. 

With spring breaking free, Farmer's Markets are opening up again. Even in our little town, we are seeing all the little markets come alive with renewed commerce coming back. It seemed like winter lasted a long time this year...and I can tell you that I am looking forward to lighter soups, stews, and dishes of all kinds, that springtime seems to inspire. 

This Homemade Vegetable Bouillon Paste will become your new best will save you time, add flavor and best of all, is easy to make! Come on, get inspired, springtime is here!

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Ingredients needed for this recipe:
  • carrots 
  • celery
  • celeriac root
  • leeks
  • shallots
  • garlic
  • dried tomatoes
  • parsley
  • sea salt
You will also need the following:
  • cutting board
  • paring knife
  • food processor
  • freezer storage jar or container
Now we are ready to begin!

Easy to make Homemade Vegetable Bouillon Paste.
Vegetables for Homemade Vegetable Bouillon Paste
Homemade Vegetable Bouillon Paste
adapted from: cook with what you have

2-3 carrots, scrubbed - peeled if desired
2-3 stalks celery
1 small celeriac root, peeled and trimmed of any woody parts
1-2 shallots
2-3 cloves garlic
1-2 leek, white part only
6-8 dried tomatoes
1 bunch flat-leaf parsley
2/3 c sea salt

Cut cleaned vegetables into chunks. Process using a pulse method until the mixture is consistent.

How to make Homemade Vegetable Bouillon Paste.

Add parsley and salt, pulse to mix in. 

Looking for more ways to add flavor to your home-cooked meals? You have come to the right place, take a peek at our recipe for Homemade Vegetable Bouillon Paste...

You will need to open the processor bowl and bring the contents from the bottom to the top, pulse several times, and repeat bringing the bottom to top. Finish pulsing to mix all ingredients together.

Spoon into freezer jar(s), and freeze for storage. Due to the salt content, this will not freeze hard, making it very easy to spoon out what you will use each time. 

To use:  start with 2 t per each cup of water/liquid, adjust per your own taste preferences.

Additional suggestions:  add to water when cooking rice, stir a spoonful into the pan drippings from a roast, simmer and serve as a simple pan sauce, add to any other liquid or broth when making soup or even mashed potatoes.

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  1. I have never thought to make bouillon paste myself. I think I'd cut the salt down and freeze in ice cube trays and then bag. But who knew it was just this easy.

    1. The original had more salt, I cut it also! Less salt will make a harder end result, so I love your ice cube idea!

  2. I'll give it a try! I/m always looking for a good bouillon for my soup recipes.

    1. It is time for me to make another batch, now that our Farmer's Markets are open again!

  3. I wish I had a bigger freezer! Thanks for sharing at the What's for Dinner party - have an awesome week!

  4. That's a really handy tip. I didn't know about the salt and freezing. - Margy

    1. I need to make another batch of this concentrate. I loved how easy the first batch was to spoon out of the jar. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. I've never made Bouillon Paste before, but it sounds wonderful! Thank you for sharing at Party In Your PJ's.

    1. Welcome, and the concentrate is a delicious addition to so many things!

  6. I will love your homemade vegetable bouillon concentrate, can't wait to try it! Hope you are having a great week and thanks so much for sharing your awesome post with us at Full Plate Thursday,483.
    Come back soon!
    Miz Helen


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